• Mike Songer


What are you doing daily to promote this? If we aren’t growing we are staying the same…average. How many of us strive to be better than average? How many of us are content with this mediocracy? Really think about this and let it set in.

Every day you make choices to either better yourself or to sit back and watch your favorite TV show. What are you learning from these sitcoms?? Why don’t you spend your time listening to podcasts, or reading and article or book?

The funny thing is, up until recently I had no thoughts like this, about being average and growing. But the right crowd and books have led me to be this way.

I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason, it is not just a coincidence. There is a reason for it all. We may not know what the reason is at this moment, but at some point the path will be paved out right in front of your eyes and BAM!

Let’s talk about life. Life is short, time is valuable and only YOU decide ultimately what you are going to do with your time. If you could spend all day doing only what you love, what would that consist of? I know many people would choose family/friend time, which is totally acceptable. Now think of a way you can make this a reality. What could you possibly do all day with them while still making a living? There are many options, entrepreneurs are the best example of this. I am one, and create my schedule…If I want to up and travel to Sacramento, then I will. Yeah I may lose out on some pay, but family is priceless to me. Also I can take trips out of the country and consider it a business trip to give myself the joy of traveling and still receiving benefits from it.

I will be going to Thailand/Cambodia in a little over a month, where I intend to have the time of my life. It is going to be a life experience I will never forget. Make memories, not excuses.

A fellow gym goer who I made friends with has been talking about; evolving. He constantly has been posting and saying EVOLVE. This ties in with GROWTH. Take a moment to think about your own life and how you have grown or evolved from as far back as you can remember, until now. For me personally, I have changed soooo much, but all for the better. Everyday I become a better individual and strive to make those around me understand why I am doing this and get them on the same page. Seeing friends and family who I have known for years, struggle with the same issues and complain about the same stuff over and over again, really upsets me. If they spent half the time working on their so called issues, instead of complaining about it, then think of how much growth they could have by now.

I am not here to change anyone by any means, I just want to give you an opportunity to read and see some new ways of thinking and let you do what you want with it.

That is what I did, I read, listened and learned. Now I am ready to continually grow/evolve until I can really make a difference in peoples lives.

2019, this is going to be the year.

I can feel it and I know.

FINAL, Take this last quote; “failure inspires winners, failure defeats losers”.

........Ponder that.

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