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intermittent fasting

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Every now and again I will experiment with exercise programs and/or nutrition styles.

Intermittent fasting was something I was introduced to by a fellow trainer who has been doing this for around 6 years. You can say fasting has definitely become a nutrition lifestyle suitable for him. I, myself gave it a shot for one month (4 weeks). What I wanted to achieve from this was fat loss. Fat loss was my main goal and was curious if restricting consumption of calories to only 8 hours daily, while fasting for 16.

First a foremost, whenever most humans here “fasting”, they freak out and think “Oh no, I’m never going to be able to last without eating.” Well, when done correctly, your fast is done one the period while you are sleeping (overnight). So for the average person sleeping 6-8 hours you are already getting a kick start on this and quite possibly half way done fasting just from being asleep. The specific hours you choose to do for your 16/8, 20/4 or whatever variation you pick, all depends on what’s going to be optimal for you. The typical 16/8 would be 12(noon)-8pm. I personally went with 10am-6pm for my 8 hour feeding window. The reason behind this was due to the fact I wake up at 4am and it was easy to kill my 16 hours between sleeping and working the morning away.

Well, we could spend a bunch of time getting into details about intermittent fasting, but the main purpose of this write up was to share my experiences. First, the initial few days were super tough for me. Due to the fact I used to eat within an hour or so of waking up. So to not have food for a few hours took a little getting used to. Granted I did have straight up black coffee as it’s one of the few things allowed to have in your fasting window. So I just drank coffee and water to feel full and have “something” in my stomach. Once I got used to that, it was a breeze because our bodies are phenomenal at recognizing routines and adjusting accordingly.

Within the first week I noticed significant results from my weekly photo check-in. Yes I do my own check-ins. It shows progress or lack there of and then I have personal testimonials. The results were fat loss, just as I was aiming for! Another 3 weeks of this is cake. Now that I’m used to it and I’ve seen results. I continued to see results throughout the 4 weeks.

So fat loss was the reward for enduring this intermittent fasting. Also I learned to not be so dependent on food. I thought it was interesting the relationship I had with food before and after this experiment. Our bodies naturally store energy and have back up for everything so we don’t necessarily have to eat as often as some say, which all depends on your individual specific goals. But overall, we can get by with eating much less and still produce results/energy.

To wrap it up I will give my personal pros and cons.


Fat loss

Eat less/save money

Less dependency on food


*Increase HGH levels*

*Increase insulin sensitivity*


Can be too restrictive

Not optimal for muscle/mss gain

Bingeing possibilities due to short eating periods.

Last note, a few months after doing this experiment I did my first planned 24 hour fast. It was much easier than I thought and I had learned the discipline from this experiment to be able to complete it.

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