• Mike Songer


Stop and think about who you are as an individual right now….Is this person who you want to be, who you should be or better yet, the best version you can be?? We live in a time where what we post online and do each day is how others perceive us. Quick to judge based on a simple photo or tweet you may post. Think back to our olden days when there was no way of knowing anything about a person until you met them. Now we can search Google, Instagram, etc. to find out more about person before even meeting them. Isn’t this crazy?! We literally could potentially learn someones life story without ever meeting them! Yes, there are pros and cons to this. And I am not saying it is either bad or good, just want to bring it to everyones attention.

So how often do YOU post something online because you want people to think a certain way about you? Or you think it will get more “likes”. Most of us will answer with quite often if not all the time. We are so worried about what people think of us and pleasing others, we forget to do what WE want to do. I highly recommend you take a minute before posting your next photo or tweet and ask yourself…am I posting this because I like it or want to? Or am I just doing it for everyone else?

Instead of being worried about others, think back to a younger version of yourself and who you envisioned you would be at this age, or who you wanted to be. I am sure we all had visions and it is pretty far off from where we are…which is fine. That is how life works. But do you think a younger version of you would want you to please the world or yourself? The answer is YOURSELF. So stop falling into this trap and do something for yourself.

Final thoughts…If you were the only person on earth, what would you choose to do???

For example someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger would be at the gym and Beethoven would be playing the piano. This is what we should be doing each day…the purpose of our life…our true territory…what we were born to do. Not this pleasing and caring what other people think. Just focus on yourself and do what YOU want to do. It is your life so live it how YOU want. Quit the job you hate, ask that girl out…whatever you have been holding back on. Do it now, because no one else is going to do it for you.

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