• Mike Songer

Losers react, leaders anticipate.

“KING”. What does that mean to you? This meaning how we need to be King, and all of the people surrounding us as well. Rise to the occasion and be the best you can be. This ties in with the quote of the day.

“Losers react, leaders anticipate.”

We must anticipate our next move in order to lead others as a King. Once we react it is already too late and the competitor is two steps ahead of us. Planning out your moves; whether this be in personal life, business, the gym or anywhere…must be a necessity or we are failing. Plan to succeed or be a nobody. If you’re not setting yourself up to GROW then you are regressing.

There is no “maintaining” or staying the same, you move forward or you move backward. So let’s move forward!

If you can master anticipation then everything else will fall into place. Imagine you’re driving down the street and a car stops abruptly and SMACK, you rear end them….but if you were anticipating this and left enough space then you wouldn’t be in a car accident. This is a lot like life, you will constantly get beat up and in accidents if you don’t plan for the near future. Make goals, map out where you want to go, plan to succeed and make BACKUP PLANS. Nothing is going to go as planned, that’s life. But as a LEADER and KING we will be prepared for anything coming our way.

Leaders run this world, while the rest follow in their shadows getting pushed around. Choose which path you want to take and give it 100%. Go all in or don’t go at all.

As for me…..I choose to be a LEADER.

Which do you choose?

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