• Mike Songer

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” - Vince Lombardi

In order to reach such great heights and views, we must take the road less traveled. My very first thoughts come to mind when I heard this quote were it is not given, we must work hard for things. Some people just expect things to happen by snapping their fingers, but don’t think about doing whatever it takes to reach this unheard of goal. If your goal is to run a successful business, then one must start from the bottom, building a business up and continuously re investing the profit until you are more than comfortable with the profit. The first few years are going to be rough, but it should become “easier” from then on. I say “easier” because it does not necessarily get easier but you become wiser, stronger and know how to take on each problem with a more planned routine. Each day is a learning experience and if you let it just flow smoothly, then you are creating your own education as you go.

So how do you plan on reaching the mountain top?

What steps do you plan on taking to get there?

Are you excited to take the journey?

If you don’t have answers for these questions or aren’t ready, that is completely acceptable. Wait for the right time, whenever it is for you. We all have different paths and some are longer than others. It is important to remember we are individuals and to not compare ourselves to others. If we aspire to be like someone then we can do a “goal” comparison, but nothing negative allowed.

Be the best version of yourself you can be. We are told this our whole life, but sometimes it takes a certain time or person to make it really click in your head. The more positive people you keep in your inner circle to uplift you, the easier this will be to do. Positive vibes rub off onto on another and allows us to grow to our full potentials. GROWTH. Something I wont stop talking about. If you aren’t growing you are regressing. Always move forward, find out how to do this for you and keep that ball rolling. Its like a snowball continually expanding and growing in size. The further you go the more you gain. BRAIN GAINS. It is the new cool thing to do…no not really actually, but I love it and want to be part of this movement. I want to continue to help others and now in multiple ways. Inspire through fitness and educational purposes.

Going to drop knowledge bombs on the reg.

Remember, fall 7 times and get up 8.

This your time to shine and do so by learning from your failures.

These failures are exactly what we need in life.

Inspiration comes from wanting to be better and crushing what we have previously failed.

So final note, take that trip, ask someone out, tell someone you love them, love yourself, be resilient, don’t take no for an answer, crush goals, make new ones, climb that mountain and lastly GROW.

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