"I've been working out with Mike for three years now. Throughout the entire time, he has periodically made sure to check with me about my fitness goals so he could tailor a fitness program so I can meet them. In addition to the weight training aspect of the program, he also put together a meal plan for me, so I can track my nutrition. His training program has helped me successfully build muscle and lose fat. I have noticed a significant difference in my physical capabilities since I started training with him. Mike has pushed me to constantly try my best, but also recognizes my limits. He never asks me to do something he knows I can't do, and is supportive even if I fail at a particular exercise. He is incredibly knowledgeable about how the body works, so he can explain proper form, targeted muscles, and the purpose of each exercise clearly. He has also used his expertise to help me increase range-of-motion in my very tight shoulders by building exercises that help stretch and strengthen them into my weight training. In addition to in-person training, Mike has also put together exercise programs I can do myself - either at home or in the gym. I can't recommend Mike highly enough as a trainer!"

Eric K.

"I have now been working out with Mike on and off for the last few years and I can tell you, the off part is no good so make sure you stay on. Songer Fitness will get you in the best shape of your life, if you let him work his magic and are willing to do what he says. If you are wanting someone who knows what they are talking about, has years of tried and true experience, has a history of success you want to Mike Songer. Mike will make a specific plan for your ability and goals. He is not a cookie cutter trainer with a one size fits all attitude. He takes time to get to know his clients, learns about their strengths, weakness and fitness goals and makes a specific plan for each one. If you want to get stronger, do it with Songer. I guarantee you wont regret the decision."

Matt C.

"I started training with Mike about 3 years ago and I couldn't be happier. 

Mike does a great job making sure he understands your goals (even if it's as simple as a pull up). He takes the time to explain the fundamentals of each exercise before you start to execute. 

Mike also does a great job making himself available for questions outside of your training session. He will check in with you on how your eating habits are, how your recovery days are or just how you're feeling overall."

What I love most about training with Mike is the fact that we're not on the scale every few days. The scale is scary. With Mike it's just a number - not the defining factor of how good or bad your training is going."

Melanie R.

"I have been training with Mike Songer for about a year and cannot say how impressed I am with him as a personal trainer.  Mike is a skilled and professional trainer who takes a personal interest in each of his clients, developing training programs to meet the individual client's needs, I am particularly impressed with his attention to detail, making sure the his clients perform each exercise correctly to obtain the maximum benefit without injury. Mike's patient and professional style of training has helped me achieve my goals of maintaining physical strength and health."

Judy H.

"I have worked with several trainers over the years. I knew what worked and didn’t work for my body. I also had a serious medical issue that I had to be cautious of and needed to work around. I knew my main goal with the neck issue I had would be more difficult to achieve. I wanted and needed to grow my glutes but could not do any squats, jumps or anything that could make my injury worse. I also needed to time my upper back and fight the day that hormones brought on. About 6 months later and also right before summer- I am so happy to know that we started back then! My clothes fit great. I also recently had a photo shoot and could see a huge difference on how flat my stomach was and how toned my glutes are with also growth. 

Not only has Mike been a great trainer, he’s a pretty cool, down to earth guy. He is easy to talk to which makes the workout go so much faster! 

Never has he used negative enforcement which has been an issue In my past. And no matter how much I fall off the wagon he reminds me it’s a marathon not a sprint and get’s me back on my path!"

Chrissy A.

"Mike has been a good friend of mine as well as a trainer. Met him when he was a trainer at The Camp. He has pushed me to my limits and seriously made me rethink how weight played a big factor. I was always on the heavy side and while working out with him and having him teach me and show me what to eat, I was able to lose tons of weight as well as build muscle.He put me into the "FIT" life and changed my life forever. I can not be thankful enough for Mike and how he has changed my life for the good. If you want a life-changing event or just want to get in shape with an awesome personal trainer please don't hesitate to contact him. After you have trained with Mike you seriously cannot leave. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE!"

Alex C.

“Great workouts, awesome motivation and very personable. The knowledge and strategy he brings to help you reach your goals is amazing. One of the best decisions I every made was making him my personal trainer."

Jose P.

"I have been in personal training for over two years with Mike and he is a master at tailoring my workouts to meet my specific goals.  My goals include total body toning and strengthening to improve my overall health and stability.  The workouts are challenging and sets vary enough to keep my interest. I can see the results of all the hours in the gym.  I feel great and have dropped a size in my jeans!  Mike pays particular attention to my form as I work through my sets so I can avoid injury.  He offers alternate exercises in the event a past injury is irritated or an exercise is too challenging at first.  If you are looking for a personal trainer that will encourage and provide a challenge so you can achieve your goals, Mike is the trainer for you!"

Anne H.

"Before I started training with Mike I had been taking a fitness break for about two years because my former trainer had moved. After realizing I was losing what I had worked hard for  I started in group classes at the gym. This gave me an opportunity to work with a few different trainers. When working with Mike, I specifically liked his friendly attitude, attention to form of exercises, and ability to motivate me. He even gave me alternative exercises due to an ankle injury and had it ready for me on even for the group sessions!  I soon decided to start working with Mike in private sessions. It is now going on three years and I have never been happier with my gym experience. I am sincerely “Stronger by Songer”."

Corey R.

"It has been my pleasure and benefit to begin the journey of fitness with Mike. First, Mike is just a great person; and that is key to any personal training. Coming to Mike with an extensive history of injuries from an accident, including neck, back and shoulder issues, Mike has created a great program that keeps me at my goals. He is extremely careful about stretching, and developing a program that is not only right for you, but helps you build on your focus, gets you stronger and he does so solidly and with ease. Mike anticipates even before you arrive for your session, where to take you each time and get you to building on each session. I am very fortunate to have discovered Mike and look forward to each new session and meeting those long-term goals with him as my trainer."

Christian B.

“Train with Songer he will make you stronger”

"I have been training with Mike for 3+ years and I’ve gotten so much stronger over time. The workouts are always changing they are never the same and they’re always challenging to make one stronger mentally and physically.  You will not regret it is money well spent."

Karri U.

"This guy is amazing!! Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a physical fitness trainer. His dedication and commitment to his clients goes above and beyond. Mike genuinely cares and he shows it by being available when you most need him. He takes the time to discuss nutrition and the importance of a well balanced meal. He provides guidance and tips to help you stick to your meal plan, making it easier to reach weight loss goals, lose fat, gain lean muscle.

When I first met Mike, I was recovering from an injury. He listened and understood that my challenge was not just physical, but also mentally as I feared causing further injury. He made modifications to our workout regime, and increased the difficulty as I progressed.

He has been incredibly patient and has worked with me to make sure that I have the proper form during each exercise. He's pushed me during our workouts beyond what I thought I was capable of. Because of his creativity and enthusiasm, I have developed a new found love for our workout routines. Mike has helped me lose weight, regain strength and confidence and he continues to motivate me to achieve my physical goals.”

Janira N.

"Knowing Mike since high school and seeing his personal transformation was so inspiring, but I knew whatever he was doing was working. I reached out to find out a little more information on his meal and exercise plans and knew this would be a great fit. Even though I'm not in the area, he created a meal and fitness plan tailored to my food allergies and being a vegetarian which no meal plans have been able to provide me. His fitness plan is rigorous and challenging but only makes me want to push myself to my body's potential to achieve visible results. I've honestly never felt better and I can't wait to see how I look when I reach my goal due to his knowledge and motivation!”ed causing further injury. He made modifications to our workout regime, and increased the difficulty as I progressed.

He has been incredibly patient and has worked with me to make sure that I have the proper form during each exercise. He's pushed me during our workouts beyond what I thought I was capable of. Because of his creativity and enthusiasm, I have developed a new found love for our workout routines. Mike has helped me lose weight, regain strength and confidence and he continues to motivate me to achieve my physical goals.”

Kayla M.

Mike is a motivating, supportive, and reliable trainer.  In the 3 years I have worked with him, he has consistently created workouts that are both challenging and customized to meet my goals.  Mike prioritizes correct form in all exercises, and takes the time to ensure my success with a new circuit. New to the gym? Longtime client? Either way, Mike makes the effort to help you feel welcome in the gym."

Kelli H.

"Nothing but praise for Mike! 

Hired Mike to do some personal training with me because I wanted to get prepped and ready for summer. I have to say I would recommend him to anyone! He was professional, flexible with my schedule, and really listened to what I was looking for. Mike was knowledgable, thorough, and helped me set some realistic goals. He was also able to make me comfortable with new exercises that I was hesitant about. If anybody is looking for someone knowledgable about health and fitness this is your guy!

Thank you Mike”

Taylor L.

"I have been training with Mike since January and I can say that he has helped me make a huge impact on my health journey. I have lost weight with Mikes help, but what Mike has helped me find is my self confidence and my ability to push myself to higher levels of fitness. I can honestly say that I have gotten "Stronger with Songer" Thanks for all you do for us Mike. The appreciation is more than you know."

Steve W.

"Mike's extensive knowledge and genuine interest in his clients sets him apart from any other trainer! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or need that extra push to take you to the next level, Mike is the go to guy!”

Chantelle S.

"Mike is a great motivator and pushes you past your limits! Not only did he train workouts but give a great diet plan to follow. Whenever I had questions, he was always there. Everyone should train with Mike!!! #songerfitness”

Skyler T.

WOW I just completed my 90th workout with Mike!

I would like to say they were a breeze, but that would not be an accurate portrayal of training with Mike. Mike takes the time to listen to your fitness goals and assess your level. His workouts  will always challenge you. My goals were better balance and more core strength and his workouts delivered. I was able to stand up paddle board first time out without falling! I look forward to my next 90 workouts!

Patia M.

"I've been training with Mike for about 2 years now. He is super knowledgeable and you can tell he really loves what he does. I told him what I wanted to work on (butt and abs) and he created a workout that specifically targeted those areas. When we do train, he's super supportive. For example, the first day I trained with him, my squat form was BAD but as we continued training together he showed me the correct way and my squat form has greatly improved. What I like is how he lets you know about your improvements and also about non-scale victories. Prior to Mike, I thought the scale was the only thing that mattered when trying to become healthy, but he let me know that that wasn't the case. I'm glad I decided to begin training with Mike, and I can't wait to continue to see different results as we progress.”

Monique M.

“I have been training with Mike since 2017. Within the first year I lost two pant sizes. I love the drive and how knowledgeable he is. Always pushes me to the next level. I love the fact he listen to see what your goals are and helps you to reach them. If your'e looking for an awesome trainer, Mike is the one!”

Mary G.

"My goal when I started training with Mike was to become stronger. I was tired of lifting things and feeling weak. In 4 months, I saw a large Improvement in my physical strength. Small chores around the house required less effort and I was a stronger cyclist. I recommend Mike for strength training. You will see progress towards your goals."

Debbie K.

“I love working out with Mike Songer. He's a terrific trainer who adjusts his workouts to your skill level but also encourages you to push harder. He got me to do my first box jump!”

Diana S.

"Mike's the Best!!! He has turned my life around in so many ways. He has got me eating healthier! Taught me the right way to exercise and lift weights! I couldn't ask for a better trainer; who pushes me to achieve my personal goals!!! The House of Pain Gym was built because of Mike Songer:) Thank you Mike!!!”

Richard R.

"Mike is very professional and knowledgeable... I can tell he will focus on my needs and push me when I need it to get me to achieve my goals. I'm looking forward to my training sessions with him.”

Barabra P.

"I am a 43 year old Mom with three kids. I have been working with Mike Songer for the past four years.  Over that time he has helped me with dialing in my nutrition, reducing my body fat, maintaining my fitness, improving my strength and adapting my workouts through injuries.   I have struggled with problems with my L4/L5 for many years which have required Mike and I to communicate and adapt our approach to allow me to still see the progress I wanted all while doing it in a safe fashion for my back.

What I appreciate about Mike is that he tailors his approach to his clients needs and abilities.  He does not take a one size fits all approach like many other trainers do. I also appreciate the Mike is constantly deepening his knowledge and approach.  Over the years he has obtained additional certifications so that he could widen his approach with his clients.  After four years I have not had the same six week program twice which means my muscles never stop having to work and adapt.  

No matter what your fitness goals are I would confidently recommend you work with Mike.  He has the passion and knowledge to help you become the best version of yourself."  

Amy W.

"Mike has been my personal trainer for 2 years. My wife and I workout with him 2x a week and it has been a great experience!  Mike has us on a program that changes every 6 weeks or so and it has really developed greater strength and endurance for my entire body. I really enjoy the sessions not just for the workouts but also for the knowledge about overall fitness and diet that Mike has shared. He has helped me understand strength training like no one has ever done before. I fully trust Mike with my fitness and because of that, we have also recently started sending our son to workout with Mike so he can develop strength and agility for baseball and basketball."

Brian L.R.